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An Update…

Ok, yeah, its been a while since a good update.  Its been a busy few weeks…  no excuse I know.  We have been doing all sorts of things, but don’t have much news.  Jen went back to the doctor this week.  She’s on the every two weeks rotation now.  Everything is looking really good.

Peyton is getting more and more active.  She’s kicking and pushing on the belly.  Its really cool to feel that sort of thing.  Last night, our power went out because of a storm, so we just laid there and felt her kicking and moving. 

We have been working in the nursery some.  Most of the big stuff is there, now.  Jen has two baby showers coming up.  Invitations have either gone out or are going out for them now.   We’ll be adding a section called showers to the site and we’ll upload photos from them. 

The first shower is this weekend.  Our friend, Trina, is throwing the one on Saturday.  It’ll be at the house so everyone can see the nursery. 

The second shower is being thrown by another friend, Nancy, that Jen used to work with.  Its next Saturday, the 12th.  That one is at our house too…

We visited Cheraw this past weekend and got to see all our family there.  There’s another shower in the works for up there sometime the first of October.  Jen is really excited about all of this… 

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