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Registry at Babies R Us

So, we debated whether to do a registry with Babies R Us for a long time. The closest store is in Charleston or Charlotte for us, but we know that we have family who live a lot closer to these stores and it might be convenient for them. Plus, there are some things that Target just doesn’t have. Even as good as Target’s baby section is, we couldn’t find bumpers and baby-proofing things we were looking for… The other problem we had was that Babies R Us had their website run through and it was absolutely HORRIBLE! But this past week, we had a very cool surprise. Babies R Us relaunched their own website and its so much better. Its easier to find things, the categories make sense and its a huge improvement. So, we have a registry there now. There is a link to the registry to the right or you can use this link.

2 thoughts on “Registry at Babies R Us

  1. We do… We have a lot of our bigger things on the Target registry (see the link on the right). We have the nursery furniture and a couple bassinets – but nothing else really at this point. This Babies R Us registry was just for a few things we couldn’t find at Target – like the bumpers for the fireplace – because Target was more accesible to everybody we know.


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