Doctor’s appointment next week

We have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday at 3:00.  Just another checkup to see how things are progressing and I believe we’ll have another ultrasound.  So, more baby photos. 🙂 

Things have been going very good for us.  Jen is doing really well still.  Her belly is really growing.  I have photos that I’ll be posting of her from the past few weekends.  She’s starting to feel things in her back too, little pains and getting tired easily now.

We have been making some changes to open up more free time and making room for baby. We’ve both backed away from our volunteering at the church and we’re learning to say “no” to other things we have done in the past. 

The nursery is progressing as well.  Jen has purchased letters to hang on the wall for Peyton’s name.  We also purchased a little wooden train last night that spells Peyton’s name.  Jen is going to paint and make it look all pretty.

My next project is redoing the closet in the room to give us more storage space for the baby.  We are planning to do a Closetmaid track system to let us move shelves and hanging bars around as we need – so we can do several short hanging areas for now and adjust it later as the baby grows…

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