Funny Emails

All of our friends and family have been so cool and the emails we’ve gotten back are pretty funny! So, we put this page together so that everybody could read the funny thing’s we’ve gotten… 🙂

I don’t think that I congratulated you two yet but….CONGRATULATIONS! I went and saw the baby snapshot (ultrasound) on your site. It’s got your nose! Just kidding. Good luck with everything! I hope that we get to go thru it with you guys! – Scott

I want to see that same smile when you have to change them dirty dippers! (ha!ha!) Ole that smell! Keep that smile, the both of you! – Brett

I know it is a boy…I’m not sure, but I think a saw a wiener!!! – Regis

Congratulations, Jen!!!!!! This is wonderful news! Once Phillip and you become new parents you’ll have to check out my website for lots of Parenting tips and advice: A big congratulatory hug to you both! – Jean

Jen- I am so excited for yall! Both of you will make Great Parents! Can’t wait to see you grow! Love ya-Mamie

As a father of three little girls, all I can say is, THERE GOES YOUR WONDERFUL MARRIED LIFE. Ha, ha — just kidding. This will be a beautiful baby, and you’ll love mommyhood. Just remember: when the kid team outnumbers the parent team, problems are inevitable. – Colin

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