It’s a girl!

We had the ultrasound yesterday.  It was very cool to get to see our little one.  Everything looks really good on the ultrasound.  All the parts are in the right places and everything looks like its developing fine!  We were really excited to get to see her.  That’s right, its a girl. 

As we were starting the ultrasound, the nurse asked if we wanted to know if she was able to tell – to which both of us were like “Yeah” simultaneously.  There was no question there.  So a few minutes into the ultrasound, she asked us if we knew what we were looking at.  We’d identified a foot and an arm but we had no clue what was on screen then.  She pointed out a leg and then another leg, spread wide open.  Then she pointed in between them and said that’s the butt and lowered her finger as was like – and there’s nothing there…  Its a girl… She joked, those are the golden arches.  She said if it’d had been a little boy, we’d have seen a little turtle. 

So yesterday evening was packed with phone calls, calling all of our family and talking with friends.  A lot of people knew it was a big day and they were calling too.  Both of our moms were trilled.  We were talking with them at the same time…

We have a few ultrasound photos to post and I’ll get those up tonight. 

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