A quick update

Hi everyone.  We have had friends in town from Great Brittain for two weeks, and thus no update.  We have tons of photos and we’re going to put together a new gallery of all those.  We had a great time with Vicky, her husband John, her mum Dorothy and her adorable little girl Freya. 

During that two weeks, I started my new job at HTC.  I am absolutely loving it.  I have a lot of systems to get familar with and learn what they are for.  Their data center if first class and its going to be very fun to work here – I can already tell.

Jen’s next doctor’s appointment is the last week of the month.  This is a BIG one!  We’re supposed to have our next ultrasound at that visit and we should (hopefully) be able to find out the sex of the baby! 

We started a baby registry at Target and Walmart.  (One of the fun things was that our British friends don’t have stores like that across the pond – so they spent a lot of time shopping at both – giving us time to start baby registries)  Jen is ready to find out what we’re having so she can start registering for clothes.  We can’t have our little boy dressing in pink flowers, now can we???

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