I resign…

Well, it was supposed to be a baby blog, but other things are happening in our lives at the same time. I was offered a job at HTC and have accepted. I gave my resignation today at Coastal and my last day will be May 30. It probabaly came as a shock to my managers, but it was too good of an offer to pass for Jen and I. With a lot of room for growth, both salary and professionally, HTC is a great opportunity. Plus, the timing works great. I get to take several days off to spend with Vicky (Jen’s Pen-Pal & Very Good Friend from England who is flying in on May 27). I start at HTC on June 5. On top of immediate timing, its great because I would already have leave building once the baby is born, which would give me time if I need it with baby after he (no, we’re not sure yet) is here… 🙂

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