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All is well

Everything is going well…  Still no morning sickness.  Jen is starting to develop a little belly.  Its very cute!  She’s been doing really well, and the cravings continue. Among them are Cherry Limeaids from Sonic and Chubby Hubby (befitting huh?) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  The concensus is that her grilled cheese with tomatoes isn’t a “weird” craving, but I still consider it odd.  Its still funny to sit in front of the TV and listen to “oooo that sounds good.”  

We went shopping the other night for maternity clothes – Jen’s pants aren’t fitting anymore – so she’s gotten her first maternity pants and shirts.  After striking out at Marshalls (who doesn’t have a maternity section), we went to Ross and she got a couple things and then we tried Walmart…  Walmart was a BIG disappointment.  I guess Walmart doesn’t expect women to get pregnant judging by the two racks of maternity wear and the two isles of baby stuff…  Anyways, she was able to find stuff that she liked and could wear at Target.  While we were there we cruised through the baby section, which by the way Target has a much nicer baby’s area than Walmart…  And that section is not nearly as scary as it used to be… lol.

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