Cheeseburgers, Doritos, Ice Cream…

Well, the cravings have begun! We were sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV last night and everything food that showed up on the screen evoked a “mmm… that sounds good” from Jen. There is absolutely nothing she’s seeing (on TV, in the cabinets, while driving by for work or anywhere else) that doesn’t sound good, it seems like. From the completely unexpected “mmmm… cheeseburger” to the “ohhhhh… ice cream” she’s cracking me up! I can’t help but laugh at her. She stole part of my ‘Half Baked’ Ben and Jerry’s and then decided she wants more… All I can say is its stinking hillarious. I can honestly say – I’ve NEVER seen Jen eat this much in the entire 7 years I’ve known her! You all know exactly what I mean. She’s always been the two peas and I’m full type. Glad we don’t live in a ginerbread house!! 🙂

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