Sleepy Sunday

Another sleepy Sunday around here. We went to church early this morning. I had to take some photos of a couple new staff members for the church’s website. Jen came with and was having a blueberry muffin while I was snapping away photos. One of the new staffers, Mindy, was the first to get her photos and she came in and stopped cold looking at Jen. She asked, you’re pregnant right? Jen obviously said yes. Mindy said “how can you be eating?” That’s one thing where Jen has been very lucky – absolutely no ‘morning sickness.’ Mindy shared a little with us that she actually went blind in one eye during her pregnancy because of her severe morning sickness. She ruptured her retina and so she lost sight in one eye during hers… So we are definately counting our blessings that Jen isn’t hurling at every given moment!

After church, we went to lunch with Tara and Shawn. Jen has taken a nap for most of the afternoon. She’s on the couch now and she’s out cold. Its the funniest thing. The cat is laying next to her curled up and sleeping too. From what Jen has been reading, I guess this is normal behavior. She’s supposed to be tired a lot during the first three months and then she should get some of her energy back. Its while everything essential is growing and developing. Doctor’s visit is Wednesday. We’re really looking forward to it and ready to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

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