Everyone knows…

Today, everybody knows our news.  We called our parents, grand-parents yesterday as soon as we left the doctor’s office and we’ve emailed everyone too.  By the time I emailed or called some of them, they’d already heard.  Dad has already called Granny and she was so happy for us.  Grandma Hancock was really happy too… Grandma had already called Aunt Janice by the time she got the email…  I love how good news travels fast! 🙂  Jen talked to her mom for a while yesterday and we got quite a few emails back.  Some of them were really funny, so we put together a page for those… (  She got a call from her cousin Kelly last night, too.  Kelly said she got an email from Patti that said “Have you heard Jenny’s news?”…  so she had to call and find out what was up with us last night…

The past two days have been really exciting.  We knew it was true after the home test, but seeing it on screen from the ultrasound made it “real”.  Its been a trip.  I was talking with co-workers yesterday and there’s a lot of think about – day care, doctors, birthing classes – but I’ll save that for later… right now, I’m just excited!

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