Monday’s update

Tara gave me the bible of pregnancy, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and I’m so thankful for something to read. It’s been a big help in defining moments of what to eat and what to expect and what to learn. Thanks girl!

Lately, I’ve been smelling things nobody else smells during random times of the day – like melted butter at Tammy’s party last night, popcorn while peeing for the 20th time during the day, and my personal favorite, seafood caserole while working at the landfill today. Maybe that last one was really there because of where I work! Ha!

So I told one more person today, Nancy Greene, my friend from my old job – I couldn’t help but tell her the news! She’s so supportive and excited and wants to celebrate with us this Saturday night!

Is it Thursday, yet?

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