Keeping the lid on it…

Well, keeping the lid on this little secret is hard… We had dinner with Shawn and Tara on Friday night and we decided to tell them. They’re our first friends to know (Tammy doesn’t count – she’s family!). They were really excited and shocked. It was fun to see their reaction. Both of them were so supportive and they both have been while we’ve been trying. They keep reassuring us that we’ll be good parents. To credit them, they’re the ones who got us ready. Randi is so absolutely perfect.

Regis called Friday night while we were at dinner. He’s been asking about his “nephew” everytime he talks to Jen, so when he didn’t get the standard “still having fun trying” answer, he knew something was up. So we had lunch with him today and told him. Talked to mom for a little while and she said daddy is itching to tell people. I should have told them to go ahead, but I told them to wait until Thursday… We just want to make sure everything is ok and its not a false alarm when we see the doctor on Thursday.

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