B&T and Jen’s work

Geeze. Well, people are finding out… Brett and Trina were out of town this weekend again, but we want to tell them face to face – we have to find a time to tell them face to face. We don’t want to tell them over the phone…

Our parents, Tammy, and Jen’s boss and co-worker now know… Kendra just came out and asked Jen in the car… But that had to be expected. Jen’s been eating more. She’s even had some cravings. Also, didn’t help that Kenner was in the car with Jen going to Columbia when she tried to schedule her appointment. The whole mysterious “can I call you back” to the doctor’s office had to tip her off… Its kinda fun having a secret like this, but you just want to run up the nearest mountain and shout it to everybody! Thursday is a long ways away!!!!!!!

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