We’re having a baby

Remember the episode of “I Love Lucy” — the one where Lucy tells Ricky we’re having a baby by having him sing “We’re having a baby” while asking the audience is it you… is it you? All I can remember is how excited he was when he realized it was him having a baby…

We had one of those the other night… Jen took the test and before you could even get out of the room to have me come look it had turned… So, we’re having a baby!!!!! And we’re super excited! Its baby number 1 for us and we’re scared and excited at the same time.

I’m posting this before anybody will see it because we’ve decied not to tell anybody yet. We’re waiting to visit the doctor which will be next week to make sure its really happening. We want to make sure the peanut is doing well and that we get our ducks in a row.

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